Carol Sloane with Ken Peplowski & Brad Hatfield: Dearest Duke

Artists / Instruments:
Carol Sloane-vocals, Ken Peplowski-clarinet, tenor sax, Brad Hatfield-piano

Carol Sloane is a jazz singer. Vocalists have scatted entire songs, entire sets, without a glimmer of the jazz feeling that Sloane achieves with three words of a ballad. She is the antithesis of the clueless vocalists whom jazz players deride as "chick singers." She is accepted by the most accomplished musicians as their fully qualified peer. This venture is unique in Sloaneīs long career and her discography of more than twenty albums. A program of jazz without bass and drums? We never miss them because Carol Sloane, two sympathetic colleagues and a menu of Ellington songs provide all thatīs needed for an hour of deep satisfaction. - Excerpted from the notes by Doug Ramsey, the author of Take Five: The Public and Private Lives of Paul Desmond (Parkside) He contributes regularly to Jazz Times and blogs about jazz and other mattters at www.artsjournal.com/rifftides

Sophisticated Lady, Solitude, I Let a Song Go out of My Heart/Do Nothinī Till You Hear From Me, I Didnīt Know About You, Serenade to Sweden, Mood Indigo, Rock in My Bed/I Ainīt Got Nothinī But the Blues, In a Sentimental Mood/Prelude to A Kiss, Day Dream, I Got It Bad and That Ainīt Good, Just AīSittinī and AīRockinī/All Too Soon, Just Squeeze Me (But Donīt Tease Me)

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